Time, and Again

Dir. Kel Webster

A science fiction drama about time travel and philosophy. Are our paths through life predetermined or can we change our destiny? A grieving physicist creates a time machine to try and avert a family tragedy, enlisting the help of a former friend who has his own demons; but she cannot escape the dilemma of whether it is really possible to change your own destiny. Is anything we do ever really a choice? Time, and Again tells the story of Maggie (Helen Crevel) and Theo (Colin Baker), two old friends, both haunted by their memories, who must choose between the reality of the present or taking a chance on changing the past for the good of the future.

Damian Barr’s Literary Salon Promo

Tempting the world’s finest writers to the world’s loveliest venues to read from their latest greatest works and share their own stories, Damian Barr’s Literary Salon began in 2008 at Shoreditch House and is currently hosted in London at the Savoy. With appearances from a whole range of incredible guests including Diana Athill, Garth Greenwell, Susan Calman, and Nick Frost.


Dir. Ryan Hall

When stranded in London, a young man from India finds inspiration in the unlikeliest of places. Shot entirely in the city of London, UK, this short guerrilla film comes from Bad Rum, an independent production company that specialise in short films and promotional videos.